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Answers to your possible que

So we have tried to answer the most regularly asked ones here. If you do not find an the answer you are after below, then give either Paul or Bruce a call and they will be happy to have a chat. Or you can contact us by email at any time also.


What is the Shelf Life of your rolls?

The rolls are best consumed on the same day of preparation, much like a sandwich, you could eat them the next day if kept refridgerated, but the rice may dry out a little.   A lot of other Takeaway rolls use chemnical p[reservatives to maintain the freshness, but we prefer to keep the rolls fresh with better packaging. Our Roll-Your-Own pack is easy to open, and everything stays fresh.


Do You Use Preservatives

The "Su" in the word Sushi translates to Vinegar, so the rice is naturally preserved by the added vinegar. We do not use any other preservatives. There are no chemical additives, flavour enhances or preservatives used in the production of our rolls.



We are just starting small so that we can guarantee good product and service. As we introduce it to new outlets, we will update the information on our website and facebook.


Can I buy BIG MOUTH SUSHI directly from you?

Sure, we can do one off orders for Parties and events, ther is a minimum order of 50 rolls, just contact us through the web page using this form


Is it hard to open?

The first time you open it may take a bit of concentration, but once you have opened one, you will be an expert. Take a minute and read the instructions on the side of the package or have a look here 

Opening instructions

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